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Susan K. Atchley
County Clerk
Megan Cook
Chief Deputy

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 *When transaction is submitted 

 funds are immediatelyheld for

 up to 72hrs. 

Not all plates can be processed on-line. 

Your vehicle must be verified on the local

county computer system. This may prevent

some transactions from being processed. 


  511 S. Brown St.
Springflied, TN 37172 
Office House
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 4:00 

Rhonda Slate
Chief Administrator

If you have a special class of plate that

requires proof of membership, you can not

renew on-line. Military renewal cannot be

processed online due to necessary

documentationneeded. Some e-mail filters

can prevent you from

receiving the confirmation e-mail.

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 Car tags, business licenses, passports, notary applications, boat registration and marriage licenses are issued and recorded in this office. The County Clerk may also administer oaths and take affidavits.

The County Clerk: (1) collects local wheel taxes, local hotel/motel taxes, wholesale beer tax, business license and vehicle registration fees; (2) keeps the official records of the legislative body; (3) keeps a record of all resolutions presented to the legislative body (both those that are enacted and those that failed passage).
Click on the links on the left for more information concerning boat registration, business tax, passports, notary, tags and titles, marriage license, organ donor, driver’s license, Tennessee birth certificates, Tennessee death certificates and forms.
The Robertson County Clerk's office is located in the Robertson County Office Building on Brown St.
for forms on line visit the Tennessee Online Services site.
The Robertson County Clerk’s Office now accepts Visa and MasterCard Credit card payments for most services.
*Convenience fees do apply.