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Vendor Registration with Robertson County
For your convenience, we offer an online vendor registration system powered by Vendor Registry, a Tennessee-based company. The system allows you to quickly register details such as products, services and company contact information.  Registration with Robertson County is free.  Although efforts are made to notify vendors who have expressed an interest in doing business with Robertson County for specific bid items and services, we cannot guarantee notification. Please keep Company Vendor Profiles, Contacts, Products and Services information up to date.   All vendors may register using the link  VendorRegistry.com or copy and paste the following address into your browser: https://vrapp.vendorregistry.com/Vendor/Register/Index/robertson-county-...
If you have any questions regarding the registration process or Vendor Registry’s Notification Fee Service, please call Vendor Registry at (865) 777-4337.  
Vendors shall provide requested documents as needed. Examples: IRS Form W-9, Certificates of Insurance, Business and Professional Licenses. These may be attached to the Vendor's Profile at Vendor Registry.com.
Workers' Compensation Exemption Registry  - Companies doing business with Robertson County who meet the workers' compensation insurance exemption requirements must register with the  Tennessee Secretary of State Online Exemption Registry   to provide proof of exempt status.

Current Bids & Quotes 


      Bid 1371 - New & Recap Tires - Robertson County Schools Transportaion  Open Date:  9/26/2017 10:30AM

      Bid 1370 - Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Robertson County Schools Nutrition  Open Date:  9/27/2017  10:30AM

      Bid 1369 - REBID Expendable Supplies for Robertson County Schools  Open Date:  9/19/2017  @ 11:00AM

Bid 1368 - Emergency Vehicle Equipment for Robertson County Sheriff  Open Date: 9/14/2017 @ 10:30AM

Bid 1367 - (4) 2018 Police Utility Vehicles for Robertson County Sheriff  Open Date:  9/14/2017 @10:30AM

Bid 1366 -  Ice Cream & Frozen Novelties  Open Date: 9/25/2017  @ 2:00PM

Solicitation #2016172.00 and Addendum #1 HFR Design, Inc. is accepting bids on behalf of Robertson County Solid Waste/Recycling for the construction of a Convenience Center in Cedar Hill, TN   Hard Copy Bids must be submitted by 9/14/2017 @ 2:00PM to Attn:  Jody Stewart, Finance Department, 523 South Brown St., Springfield, TN  37172  (615)384-0202

Bid 1365 - Expendable Supplies for Robertson County Schools  

Bid 1364 - Copy Machine Lease - New Equipment  

Bid 1363 - Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe 

Bid 1362 - RS-2 and AE-P Prime Sealants/Emulsions 

Bid 1361 - 2017 Copy Paper for Schools - 2,669 cases

Bid 1360 - Property and Casualty Insurance for Schools

Bid 1359 - Pest Control Services for Robertson County Schools

Bid 1358 - State Aid Roads - Lights Chapel & Lahr Rd

Bid 1357 - State Aid Roads - Baggett/Bethlehem and South Lamont

Bid 1356 - Classroom Furniture 
Bid 1355 - Waste Disposal Services for Robertson County Schools

Quote 2017-1  County Mowing Services    Quote Tabulation

Bid 1354 - Smalll Illuminated Pylon Sign with EMC 

Bid 1353 - Illuminated Sign with Electronic Message Center 

Bid 1352 - 2018 Dump Truck 

Bid 1351 - CRS-2, RS-2, AE-P, AE-3

Bid 1350 - Hot Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

Bid 1349 - Annual Pavement Marking 

Bid 1348 - Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Bid 1347 - Parking Lot Sealing & Striping

Bid 1346 - Elevate Heritage High School Bleachers

Bid 1345 - School Housekeeping Services 

Bid 1344 - Upgrade Elevator Equipment   

Bid 1343 - 2017 School Mowing   

Bid 1342 - Type I Ambulance - EMS

Bid 1341 - Shouldering Machine Attachment with Rent to Purchase Option - Highway  

Bid 1340 - (1) Full Size 1/2 or 3/4 Ton Crew Cab 4 x 4 Pickup - EMS 

Bid 1339  - Corrugated Culvert  - Highway Dept.