How to Acquire a Building Permit




To Acquire a Permit for the rural area of Robertson County, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department (615) 384-3666.
Flood Elevation Certificate or Sprinkler Plan may be required. Be
sure you are able to secure a water tap for your property.
Permits are issued to the Land Owner
or Contractor only. Permits are placed in the Land Owner's name. Contractor must
be present to
be listed as Contractor. Contractor must have license and be entered into the system. Permits not issued
after 4:00 p.m.

( 1 )      Actual Septic Permit from Environmental Office, basement, Robertson County Office
             Building or Sewer Tap Receipt (if applicable). (615) 384-0240
(2 )       Driveway Permit-Robertson Co. Hwy. Dept., Hwy 41 North. (615) 384-2507. Office closed
             on Friday. State Hwy. Dept., 17th Avenue N, Springfield, TN (615) 382-2416
( 3 )      You must have E-911 Address by E-911 addressing, 3rd Floor, Robertson Co. Office
             Bldg. (615) 384-0099
( 4 )      Deed recorded in owner's name.
( 5 )      Plat (check plat for Fire Protection Sprinklers/Flood Elevation Notes).
( 6 )      PROVIDE LEGIBLE building plans (fOr kee1)cand file) for all structures in
             compliance with the 2012 building code with sufficient detail to show construction and
             compliance with building code. Provide printed square footage of livable and non-livable
             space on the plans.

Cities of Adams, Orlinda and Cedar Hill require a letter of approval from the Mayor/City
Manager to issue a Permit.


Mechanical Permits                                                                                                 $ 75.00
Plumbing Permits                                                                                                    $ 75.00

Dwelling              $ .70 per Heated/Cooled Square ft. Livable Space =AFT +$ .35 Total sq. ft.
Under Roof Livable Space + Porches, Garages, Bonus Rooms, Basements, Etc. Total sq. ft.
Under-Roof. = Permit Fee

Dwelling Permit                                                                                                       AFT+ Permit= TOTAL

Single Wide Mobile Home                                                                                       $350.00
+AFT@ $ .70 per heated square foot of the home Permit+ AFT= TOTAL

Additions, Porches, Garages, Storage Buildings, Etc.                                            sq ft. @ $ .35
Residential Remodeling/Renovation Permit                                                          sq ft. @ $ .25
House Moving Permit (must obtain prior approval for moving house)                 $ 175.00
Applicable Fees House Moving Permit + Building/Renovation Permit + AFT = TOTAL

Commercial/ Industrial Permits
AFT-Adequate Facilities Tax                  Commercial/Industrial                            sq ft.@$ .30         
Permit Fees                                            Commercial/Industrial                            Fee Schedule                                           
Agricultural Permits                              Please inquire prior to construction.


                                                                      Revised 2/24/15